Distance Energy Healing Tuneup

While my primary focus is working with you one-on-one to help you heal, improve your life, and teach you tools for personal growth, sometimes we all just need a little boost.

My distance healing energy tuneup offering is for those times when you need a boost without diving too deeply into things. Maybe you’ve been struggling emotionally and you just need help releasing, maybe you’ve had a hard day and need something to help you de-stress, maybe you’re an empath and went to an overwhelming event and just need some help recovering. A distance healing tuneup from me is great for these situations where you just need the energy and aren’t feeling the need to dive deeper.

This Service Is Perfect For You If You:

  • Want help cleaning up your energy field without diving into specifics – you just need a boost.

  • Are having a hard day and want the feeling of being held energetically in love, peace, and support.

  • Would like intermittent energetic support between one-on-one calls.
  • Just want to relax and receive healing when life calls for it.

  • Are an empath and need a little help clearing and fortifying your energy field after a challenging experience (also see my empath mentoring + healing services)

  • Are ready and dedicated to your healing, personal growth, changing your life experience, and empowering yourself in your own life.

Session Information

Unlike my one-on-one packages, you will not be speaking directly with me during a tuneup session and you do not need to submit an application in order to schedule an appointment. Once you have paid for your session and scheduled a time, you will receive an email with specific instructions for what to do before, during, and after your session to receive the most benefit.

During a distance energy tuneup, you will find a comfortable place to lie down at the time you have chosen. The session will run for 1 hour and during this time you will receive healing from me, your guides, and your higher-self with the intention that the healing be performed for your highest good and the highest good of all. You may choose an intention for your session, and additionally, I will tune in to see what type of clearing may help you the most with whatever you are looking to achieve in your session.

Once the session is complete, it is important to drink plenty of water and, if possible, take a salt bath or shower to help clear any remaining energies that are wanting to leave as a result of your session. Be sure to choose a time slot that allows you to rest and integrate the healing after receiving.

There are many techniques that I draw from to perform healing, however these are some examples of what might be done during your distance session:

  • Chakra Balancing
  • Clearing foreign energies (emotions and trauma from other people/environments)
  • Cord cutting
  • Clearing limiting ancestral energies
  • Clearing of energetic structures with harmful or limiting intent
  • Clearing repressed emotional or trauma energies
  • Energy body repair
  • Clearing of energetic pathogens
  • Energy attunements

You will also receive an email from me the same day as your session with a recap of post-session instructions as well as a brief recap of energies that were addressed during your healing.

If you are interested in working toward specific goals, shifting physical/mental/emotional patterns, learning techniques for self-healing and growth, consciously working through blocks and limitations, or ongoing support, I would recommend my one-on-one packages which are performed via live video call. For more information, see these offerings on my Work With Me page.


Each distance energy healing session runs for 60-minutes, however it is important to leave time before and after your 60-minute time slot to prepare yourself for the session as well as integrate, rest, and reset after the healing is complete. You will not be communicating directly with me before or during your session and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are ready to receive healing at the time of your appointment. You will receive an email on the same day as your distance session with a brief outline of energies that were addressed during your healing.

60-minute Distance Healing Energy Tuneup: $125 USD

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Heart Magic Podcast

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Praise from Clients

“I was really struggling to make changes in my life when I first began working with Anya. Energy healing has helped me some in the past, but Anya took things to the next level. Instead of just lying on a table and receiving energy (don’t get me wrong, that can help some too), we actively work through specific blocks together. I feel like I understand myself better and have more compassion for myself after each session, and I have actually seen a lot of positive changes in my life since working with Anya. I’d definitely recommend her.” – Austin D. (BC, Canada)

“Anya knows her stuff! I’ve been to a lot of healers and I have never worked through so much as quickly as I did with Anya. Thank you Anya, you’re the best!” – Maddie W. (New Jersey)

“I went to Anya for healing work as I am a cancer patient. She was absolutely amazing. We worked on past life regression, clearing ancestral trauma, limiting beliefs that I had, and various other things. My cancer was progressing before I began working with her, but has since slowed way down and my bone lesions are gone which my doctors said was a unheard of, and it’s been a few years now. She is wonderful!” – Debbie B. (Boston, MA)

“Anya is a true healer’s healer. She is humble and never elevates herself over others, yet has the wisdom of a master. I feel so honored that I get to learn from her. Both myself and my practice have grown so much since I have implemented the things I’ve learned from her. She is worth every penny.” – Sara T. (Madison, WI)

“I had been trying to get pregnant when met Anya. I had been doing IVF and had 3 miscarriages. There was no detectable medical reason for this, so I started looking for other causes. Anya helped me with shadow work and past life work and I found out that there were parts of me that had experienced trauma that were blocking me from getting pregnant. We worked together for a few sessions and my next round of IVF was successful. I am so grateful for her healing and support through the process.” – Bethany A. (Sarasota, FL)

“I had been working as an energy healer for 3 years and I started having health problems and chronic pain. I knew the problem had energetic roots, but I didn’t have my own healer to help me work through what was causing my issues. I thought I could take care of it all myself, and I tried, but part of my lesson was that I needed to spend far more time taking care of myself than I spent taking care of others. I was guided to reach out to another healer for help, and Anya was the perfect choice. She helped me help myself and got me back on track with helping others too.” – Ashley M. (Houston, TX)

“Anya helped me get back to work after I had left a job with a narcissist boss. I had trauma from the abuse I had experienced at work, and I would have panic attacks every time I would try to set foot in an office building for job interviews. Not only did she help me release the trauma I experienced at work, but also helped me see that this same dynamic had been a pattern throughout my life starting with my father. We worked together on a lot of old wounds, and now I have a new job that I love working with great people, and I feel so much more free in other areas of my life as well.” – Sue M. (Rochester, NY)