Work With Me

Aura Energy Healing Exercise

Education + Mentoring for Healers

Are you an energy healer who is ready to expand your knowledge and take your training and skills to the next level?

My one-on-one teaching and mentorship sessions for healers are tailored to your unique role, personal journey, and soul passions. I draw from over 20 years of healing experience and training to teach you new skills and techniques, support you on your journey, and expand your knowledge in a way that honors your unique soul path. We will work together to help you help others in a way that honors your unique mission as a healer, establishes space for your own healing, and supports your empowerment, growth and development.

One-on-One Coaching + Healing

Are you dedicated to your own personal growth and healing journey and need a supportive guide to help you be your own best healer?

Coaching + healing sessions are designed to support you on your healing journey in a way that honors your soul path, accelerates your healing process, and empowers you as your own healer. During each session you will receive the healing that is needed as guided by your higher-self, learn techniques to continue your healing and growth outside of sessions, and we will work together to create an action-based plan each week to keep you moving toward your most abundant, fulfilling, and joyful life experience.

Empath Mentoring + Healing

Are you an empath who is tired of coping and ready to live a fulfilling, joyful, and healthful life while honoring your gift as a super-power?

Empath mentoring and healing sessions focus on your unique path as an empath and aim to empower you on your journey. We will assess your unique empathic makeup and experience, work through healing exercises specifically designed for empaths, and learn techniques for overcoming the “burdens” of being an empath. Each session will focus on your personal empowerment and transformation journey toward your most uplifted, joyful, and abundant self.

Distance Energy Tuneup

Do you need a one-time energetic boost without diving too deeply into things?

A distance energy tuneup is a distance energy healing service that does not require an application or ongoing sessions and can be scheduled at your convenience. You will receive healing via a distance session, and will receive an email recap of the healing that was performed.