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What Spiritual Teachers Aren’t Telling You About the Law of Attraction


The law of attraction has been a hot topic for quite some time. Spiritual teachers reference this fundamental law of the universe when teaching ways to attract abundance and live your best life. The basic premise of the law of attraction is that like attracts like. Energies that we hold in our field serve as magnets to draw in energies from “out there” and as a result we attract into our physical lives what we hold within us.

Many spiritual teachers talk about changing your attitude and your actions to align with what you want to attract in your life, but this is an extremely limited perspective on how the law of attraction actually works. It’s not as simple as slapping a smile on your face and getting a house with a two car garage hoping the second garage bay will be filled some day. This is why so many people feel as if they have failed and become very discouraged when following this advice. We all want a simple formula for living our best lives, and there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes down to it, there are a lot more factors at play with the law of attraction than just attitude and intention.

The law of attraction is non-discriminatory. It is not selective with the energies in you that are used to magnetize the experiences, relationships, and circumstances that you have, and we have a lot of different energies that we emit and hold within us. Our thoughts and actions are only part of the picture.

Perhaps the most significant factors for many people in terms of what they are attracting in life are the most dense energies that we can carry in our energy field. These are trauma energies and repressed lower emotional energies, and many of us are not even aware that we have these in our being. Unless we have done and continue to do deep healing on ourselves for all of the trauma energies within us, as well as dense lower emotional energies that we might have repressed long ago, we will continue to attract experiences that match these dense energies to some degree in our physical lives. This might seem like a big let-down, but in reality, attracting challenging circumstances shows us that we have something in us that we haven’t looked at yet that we need to heal. Our external lives are a mirror for what lies within us, and we can use this knowledge coupled with mindfulness to heal those dense energies when they come to our attention through our life’s experiences. The more healing work we do on ourselves, the more we attract what we want in life.

This is why it is so important not to blame ourselves if we aren’t getting the law of attraction game quite right. It’s not that you are getting it wrong somehow, it’s simply that you may have energies in you that you are not yet aware of that are attracting things into your life. We don’t always remember our traumas, especially if they happened at a very young age or in a different life altogether. This is why healing work such as trauma healing and past life healing can have such a positive and impactful affect on us, even if it is difficult and challenging work. When we dig deep into ourselves and uncover what we have lost or forgotten about our past experiences, and then choose to heal them, we rapidly open ourselves to receiving positive and uplifting experiences in life.

A second factor to consider here, is that we are often carrying a wide variety of energies within our field that do not belong to us at all. These energies still lie within us, though, and still attract similar energies and experiences to us. There are toxic people that unload their emotions and trauma into us all the time, and if we are exposed to these people on a regular basis, we can be carrying a whole bunch of toxic dense energy in our field that doesn’t even belong to us that then attracts experiences into our lives. This is especially true for empaths and highly sensitive people who are more susceptible to absorbing the energies of others until they receive the healing and training that they need to stop this pattern within themselves. Additionally, we could be carrying trauma and emotional energies in us that were passed down through our ancestral lineage that do not belong to us. These energies can cause us to play out familial patterns and attract toxic dynamics into our lives, simply because no one in our lineage has chosen to heal the energies of these patterns. This is why ancestral healing and clearing ancestral trauma is so important for consciousness growth and for living your best life. It is very difficult to do so when we are carrying around a bunch of ancestral trauma that doesn’t even belong to us.

What is also very interesting about some individuals who teach law of attraction principles and who have become very abundant themselves, is that they may have used a form of energetic theft to achieve their abundance, despite what they are teaching. We might follow all the advice and do all the steps being taught, and not a single thing changes for us. Then we blame ourselves for not figuring out the secret to great abundance that the teacher has obviously achieved in their own lives. Unfortunately, many of these “teachers” are cheating at the game, especially if they have a large following. This isn’t the case for everyone of course, but there are many “masters” of the law of attraction who have simply leveraged the art of unloading their dense energies into their students, followers, or anyone else that gives them attention so that they don’t attract experiences through their dense energies. Additionally, these same people are also able to absorb the energies of love, affection, admiration, and any other positive energies that are directed their way by their followers. This gives them an extra boost as well, and basically means that they have achieved their abundance by harming and taking from others energetically in the process. This is obviously not a good thing and is not the path to achieving real abundance. There are consequences for this type of energetic dynamic and it certainly doesn’t lead to abundance in the long run.

Ultimately, it is important to recognize here that if you are wanting to attract anything into your life in a positive way, that you must first address the most dense energies in your being that could be conflicting with your ability to manifest what you want to see in your life. This means healing trauma, lower emotions, and other dense energies in your field (your own and any foreign energies as well) before anything miraculously different will manifest in your life than what you have already experienced. It is also important to not blame ourselves for not being aware of the density we might be holding within us. Life isn’t about reaching a certain “level” of achievement or abundance. It’s a journey and a process, and no matter where we are in life, we are learning and growing through whatever experiences we might have. When we do finally become aware that there are additional steps we can take to achieve the abundance and attract the life we deserve, it’s important to do that healing at a pace that is kind and loving to ourselves.

Finally, always keep in mind discernment. If something you are learning doesn’t quite add up, there is usually more to the story than meets the eye. At the end of the day, it is important to live your own life, deal with your own stuff, and love yourself for the being that you are. The energy of wanting what someone else has is never a good way to attract things, and if you connect with a certain teacher or person through that energy, you may end up getting more than you bargained for… like a whole boatload of someone else’s trauma to clear. Instead, focusing on your own healing, personal growth, and being of service to the world around you will provide a more direct path to your own abundance and happiness.

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