Top 5 False Spiritual Teachings

Spirituality becoming popular among the masses and the wide availability of spiritual teachings from many traditions for all to explore seem like wonderful things. In many ways it is, as it allows people to explore their spiritual leanings and self-development through many different avenues and many different viewpoints. It is a beautiful thing that we can look at different cultures, different opinions, and different spiritual teachers’ experiences side-by-side and make our own decisions about the teachings that are available to us in a sovereign and empowered way.

Unfortunately, it also leaves openings for many misinterpretations of traditional spiritual teachings which can actually do more harm than good in many cases. Couple these misunderstandings with social media, and in no time you have viral toxic spiritual falsehoods that spread like wildfire across the internet. These misunderstandings or distortions of spiritual truths can do a lot of harm, as they can cause people to blame themselves for not being able to achieve what they are told they should be able to achieve. False spiritual teachings can contribute to mental illness, depression, hopelessness, and can lead to a spiritual awakening coming to a screeching halt.

You might be thinking, if false spiritual teachings are so bad, how do they go viral? How are there so many spiritual teachers out there teaching them? Many of the spiritual teachers that we identify with on social media are simply regular people who have had a spiritual awakening and have a platform to share their experiences with the world. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however it is important to understand that no matter how much experience a teacher has, no matter what titles they have or lack, everyone shares their experiences through their own lens. We all have a lens through which we view the world, and that lens is constantly shifting with each experience we have. This is why discernment is so important when it comes to spirituality and life in general. It’s important to never put a teacher on a pedestal and to always filter what you are learning through your own experience, intuitive knowing, and belief system.

Spreading spiritual falsehoods is likely not the intention of those who are doing this, and we are all guilty of sharing “false” information that feels true to us when we share it. The trick here is that many of these “false” spiritual teachings do have some truth to them, they are simply not the whole truth and do not provide a complete picture. This is why these false teachings feel so true to many of us. We are feeling the truth that exists behind them, but are not feeling into the missing pieces of the story. We see what is there, not what is absent. In reality, spiritual teachings are not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many exceptions to the rules, many other rules affecting the rules, and many unique circumstances at play in all of our lives. This is why it is important to tune into our own guidance and our own intuition to feel into what is right for us and how certain spiritual teachings fit into our own unique experience.

With this in mind, now it’s time to set the record straight. I’ve compiled this list of the top four false spiritual teachings that we see in our modern new age culture, and dive more deeply into the metaphysics of each teaching so that we can come to a deeper understanding of how the following spiritual concepts actually work. Of course, take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Falsehood #1: Our beliefs shape our reality, therefore if we do not believe in something, it cannot exist in our reality.

The truth here, is that our beliefs absolutely do shape our reality. Our entire experience of life is framed by our beliefs and how we perceive the world, and we then react to that perception. Working with our beliefs is an essential part of healing, and they have a significant impact on our health, happiness, abundance, and sense of fulfillment in life. Leaving belief work out of our spiritual development journey would be extremely limiting and would inhibit our ability to clear trauma or change limiting circumstances in many ways. A major aspect of energy healing and ancestral healing work is identifying beliefs we have adopted from our life experiences and ancestral lineage, and shifting those beliefs into a healed expression for ourselves. Beliefs are critical to spiritual growth.

The falsehood here is the concept that if we do not believe that something exists or that it can affect us, it cannot be part of our reality. Beliefs alone do not create or destroy what exists or what we experience. When I see this taught, it is often in the context of eliminating negative people, entities, or toxic experiences from one’s life. The idea is that if we do not hold any beliefs that these things can exist in our reality, they cannot exist in our reality. I often see quantum physics discussed and how our reality is shaped in the morphic field. We are told that if we simply remove our belief that certain things exist, or that they can come into our reality, that this will be reflected in the quantum field and thus our physical reality. I have personally met many spiritual teachers who preach this falsehood left and right, and are also covered in energetic parasites. It would seem it’s fairly easy for these types of beings to feed on someone who doesn’t believe they exist and therefore does no internal work to prevent themselves from attracting these types of beings.

In reality, no single person determines what reality as a whole is. Things either exist or they do not exist, and can affect us or cannot affect us based on a variety of unique factors, regardless of what our belief is about those things. We cannot make beings or negative experiences vanish because we try to believe that they can’t be in our reality any easier than we can decide trees don’t exist and have them suddenly vanish into thin air. The only way to prevent the things we don’t like from being a part of our reality is to do any healing work necessary to shift the energies that attract certain experiences into a different expression (and even this doesn’t prevent us from experiencing challenging situations, we are humans on earth after all). Healing is a very complex and unique process for each individual. Part of this healing may certainly include belief shifting, but it certainly does not include ignoring anything that we don’t like and pretending that it doesn’t exist.

Falsehood #2: Law of attraction says that we attract what we contain within us, so if we are having negative experiences, it must mean we are too negative.

While it is true that we attract into our experience of life, people, places, circumstances, and challenges that reflect what we radiate from within ourselves, this falsehood does not take into account the MANY factors that determine what energies we hold within us and why. Mastering life, abundance, and the law of attraction in general is not something that follows a certain set formula for each person. We all have very unique experiences, very unique karma, and a very unique mission or purpose in life. To say that we attract negativity because we are too negative ourselves is a grossly simplified way of looking at the law of attraction.

The reasons we attract experiences that we consider negative, toxic, or abusive are infinite. We may need to have a certain challenging experiences for soul growth, to clear karma, or to learn certain skills needed for our soul mission in this lifetime. We may also “attract” challenging or even abusive experiences because of dense energies that we hold within our being. That being said, just because we may have dense energies within us, does not mean it is our fault that they are there.

Energies can find their way into our energetic field through many avenues and experiences. We may have suffered our own traumas (that we didn’t necessarily cause) and have yet to heal those dense energies within us or to even remember that the trauma happened. We may hold dense ancestral trauma energies or patterning within us that never belonged to us in the first place, that were then passed down to us through our lineage (see my course on ancestral healing for more information on how to work with these energies). This can lead to “attracting” negative experiences, yet the energies in our field that attracted them never belonged to us in the first place. The same is true for anyone we come into contact with. There are toxic people that unload toxic energies into everyone they meet. You may be carrying around many energies in your field that do not belong to you that still attract certain circumstances or experiences. So while we may be responsible for clearing these energies from our field and healing them within ourselves, we are not “at fault” or “negative” because they found their way there in the first place and caused us suffering or harm in some way.

Falsehood #3: The ego is the source of our limitations and must be eliminated as best we can.

The ego is so often seen as the bad kid on the playground in spiritual circles. There are people who spend their entire lives attempting to squash their ego and lock it up in a cage somewhere thinking that this will make them more enlightened.

From a metaphysical and healing perspective, the ego is simply the interface through which our consciousness interacts with and perceives our reality. It is the personality aspect of ourselves, the part that can relate to both our internal consciousness and the outside world. When the ego acts out or throws a tantrum, it is so often seen as the bad guy. However, if we take into consideration that our egoic reactions are informed by our beliefs, traumas, emotions, and any patterning we might have, it shifts things a bit. How can we blame our ego for being the problem when this aspect of ourselves is simply reacting through trauma energies, limiting beliefs, and other experiences we have had. It is simply running a program that it didn’t create.

Ultimately, true healing comes from addressing the actual causes of our ego “misbehaving” in ways that cause what seem like limitations to our spiritual development. The ego is a part of every human and is a necessary part of navigating life. Rejecting our ego is no different than rejecting our brain or our arm or our heart. When we reject parts of ourselves rather than healing them, this is where we create actual limitations for ourselves and our growth.

Our ego can show us very quickly when we pay attention to it where the programs are faulty, where our triggers lie, where we have beliefs that need to shift or traumas that need to be healed. When we squash and punish this part of ourselves, we are essentially making it more difficult to perceive the more limiting aspects of our experience and in many ways withdrawing from a full and coherent experience of life. If we can’t see it, we can’t heal it.

There is nothing wrong with having an ego. It is part of being human. The unhealed ego can teach us many things about ourselves that can help us grow in profound ways when we pay attention to it in a mindful way. The healed ego is a beautiful avenue through which we express ourselves in our lives.

Falsehood #4: Karmic relationships are contracted from birth and therefore we must stay in these relationships to clear any karma we have with the person.

Many spiritual teachers talk about soul contracts and karmic relationships. It is often true that people come into our lives because we have something to gain from the experience of connecting with them. Sometimes we might learn things about ourselves and sometimes it might give us the opportunity to bring up some karma to heal. There are many things that can come up for us in a karmic relationship. Other times, the intensity of a relationship with someone may make us think that it is karmic, when in reality it is not.

This being said, karmic relationships can often be challenging and even abusive, so it is important to know that staying in a toxic or abusive dynamic with someone is absolutely not a requirement for any karma to be cleared. Karmic encounters might bring up certain energies to be healed, but when we are mindful of ourselves and our experiences, we can quickly become aware of any imbalances that crop up within us in any relationship dynamic. These imbalances are karma and our only requirement to clear that karma is to balance and heal it within ourselves. This can be done with or without the relationship.

It is important to know that you always have a choice as to what relationships you maintain in life. Making a sovereign choice to forgive the individual, leave an abusive or toxic relationship, and then heal the resulting trauma and patterning from that relationship, is often the best way to clear karma with that individual rather than allowing them to create more through their abusive actions. There is never a spiritual excuse for having to experience abuse or toxicity in your life, no matter what the relationship might be called in spiritual terms.

Hopefully, this list has helped you see that spiritual concepts are very complex in nature and are applied in very unique ways in all circumstances. Ultimately, as long as our intentions are to learn, grow, and heal, we will find the wisdom we need in order to do so, even if it feels like we are led astray sometimes. Always remember to listen to your gut when it comes to spiritual teachings, follow your higher guidance, and read between the lines. Sometimes the most wisdom and truth can come from considering what isn’t present rather than what is.