Taming the Heart Bee: Healing for Armoring Patterns after Trauma


Any time we experience trauma, suffering, or hardship, we have certain defense mechanisms that perhaps serve us in surviving a difficult situation. When the threat is gone, though, these defense mechanisms become a hindrance to joy, fulfillment, and ultimately peace.

I like to use the metaphor of a “heart bee” for this armoring pattern that we can develop. Bees are meant to hop from flower to flower to pollinate and aid in their reproduction cycles, as well as take that pollen back to their hives to make honey. This is the natural function of the bee. If our heart is a flower, we can see how the bee would be a critical part of our ability to communicate, love, and grow in relation to ourselves and others. The bee benefits, we benefit, and everyone is happy.

When we suffer trauma, though, that bee can become an entirely different creature. Instead of happily going about it’s day collecting pollen, the heart bee pops out it’s stinger and begins to defend the flower at all costs. If the bee is defending the flower, she may protect it from danger, which can serve the flower in a challenging situation. Once the danger has passed, though, if the bee continues this pattern it will lead to the heart flower being disconnected from other flowers, the bee being disconnected from other bees, and no honey or pollen to sustain them. Both the bee and the flower suffer from this disconnection from the natural order of things.

This is what happens when we continue armoring patterns after trauma experiences, and this is why it can be so difficult to move out of a feeling of depression, anger, or apathy, even when there is no longer a threat.

Often it is difficult to restore the heart bee to its natural functioning before trauma energies are cleared, but even after those trauma energies are gone, patterns still remain often times that cause us to armor up to prevent more trauma from occurring. For some, these patterns can go on for years, or even decades after a traumatic experience.

Armoring can look like many things. It can mean shutting down in situations that we perceive as threatening. It can mean isolating ourselves from other people or situations that are not familiar. It can mean closing ourselves emotionally so that we don’t have to feel our pain. There are countless ways that we can exhibit armoring patterns which vary from person to person depending on what traumas we have suffered in our lives, how prolonged those were, when they occurred, and how much healing we have done for those traumas.

We often feel very disconnected when we are armoring ourselves. Our heart closes to many of life’s beautiful things, and to many of the people we love. We only allow in what is necessary to get through the day. This feels “safe,” but ultimately armoring during non-threatening times in our lives can actually be very damaging. Our health and our mood can suffer greatly when we shut down in this way for prolonged periods of time.

If you struggle with armoring patterns, I’ve put together a healing meditation and attunement for you that can help you remove some of that armor and restore joy. We take our armor off when we are ready, and there is no need to judge our armor because it has protected us through challenging times. If that armor feels limiting in your life now, though, it might be time to heal some of these patterns.

If you would like to receive this Heart Bee Healing and Thornless Rose Attunement, you may download it using the button below:

If you this topic interests you, you may want to check out my Restoring Your Energetic Circuitry Healing Meditation where I guide you through a healing for removing trauma patterning in your energetic circuitry.

Please note that energy healing can be very powerful, however it is not to be used in exchange for medical care and this healing is not to be taken as medical advice. If you have any symptoms or conditions that require medical treatment, please see a physician or mental health professional. If you choose to use this healing, it is at your own risk. For additional terms, please see the terms of service page on this website.

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