Top 5 False Spiritual Teachings

Top 4 False Spiritual Teachings in Modern New Age Culture

Spirituality becoming popular among the masses and the wide availability of spiritual teachings from many traditions for all to explore seem like wonderful things. In many ways it is, as it allows people to explore their spiritual leanings and self-development through many different avenues and many different viewpoints. It is a beautiful thing that we can look at different cultures, different opinions, and different spiritual teachers’ experiences side-by-side and make our own decisions about the teachings that are available to us in a sovereign and empowered way.

Unfortunately, it also leaves openings for many misinterpretations of traditional spiritual teachings which can actually do more harm than good in many cases. Couple these misunderstandings with social media, and in no time you have viral toxic spiritual falsehoods that spread like wildfire across the internet. These misunderstandings or distortions of spiritual truths can do a lot of harm, as they can cause people to blame themselves for not being able to achieve what they are told they should be able to achieve. False spiritual teachings can contribute to mental illness, depression, hopelessness, and can lead to a spiritual awakening coming to a screeching halt.

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