conscious connection with guides and higher-dimensional beings

Guides, Won’t You Save Me?

Healing is hard work. There is no question about that. Through my own trauma healing, one of the most interesting things I have discovered by actively working with my guides and higher-dimensional beings is that there are definitely rules when it comes to their ability to assist us. There is a reason they are called guides and not saviors.

One of the most powerful things that I learned that fast-tracked my personal healing process and that of many of my clients over the years, is that very large amounts of healing and profound shifts can occur very quickly when we actively work with guides, ascended masters, angels, galactic beings, and other higher-dimensional beings of the middle path. They key here, though, is that your guides and really any benevolent beings will not communicate with you or do healing for you without your conscious permission. If there are beings claiming to be your guides, ascended masters, or other higher-dimensional beings wanting to work with you that just show up unannounced without permission, they are likely not your guides and you probably want to walk the other way. Guides are extremely limited in what they can do for you if you are not aware that they are available to work with you, and if you do not explicitly give permission to them to communicate with you or to work with you on that level. You have to make the first move. This does not mean that guides aren’t doing any guiding of those who are unaware of their existence. It does mean that, except in extreme circumstances such as life or death, guidance is restricted to certain levels of our consciousness (dreamtime, inspirations, etc.). When we open up to actively work with our guides and develop a relationship with them, we open an entire new world of healing and growth that was formerly inaccessible to us due to these strict guidelines concerning permission.

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what is the middle path

What is the Middle Path?

I frequently refer to the benevolent beings or guides that I work with as “beings of the middle path,” and am often questioned as to what the middle path actually is and why this is a terminology I use. Many say that the middle path or the middle way is a term specific to Buddhism referring to the balance between over-indulgence and extreme deprivation. While I do not specifically practice Buddhism myself, and am certainly no expert on the practices of Buddhism, I find that the concepts behind the teachings of the middle path generally align with what others’ refer to as Christ Consciousness. There are many different names in many different traditions for the same or similar truths. The middle path, as a term, resonates most closely with my truth and this is why I use it.

Taking the term outside of any religious context, though, the middle path is a specific energetic alignment. Firstly, it is not exclusive to over-indulgence and self-deprivation, as it encompasses far more than these two specific extremes. My understanding of the middle path encompasses polarity and duality in general and is not specific to any two opposites. It is the middle path of any and all extremes or opposing forces.

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