Top 5 False Spiritual Teachings

Top 4 False Spiritual Teachings in Modern New Age Culture

Spirituality becoming popular among the masses and the wide availability of spiritual teachings from many traditions for all to explore seem like wonderful things. In many ways it is, as it allows people to explore their spiritual leanings and self-development through many different avenues and many different viewpoints. It is a beautiful thing that we can look at different cultures, different opinions, and different spiritual teachers’ experiences side-by-side and make our own decisions about the teachings that are available to us in a sovereign and empowered way.

Unfortunately, it also leaves openings for many misinterpretations of traditional spiritual teachings which can actually do more harm than good in many cases. Couple these misunderstandings with social media, and in no time you have viral toxic spiritual falsehoods that spread like wildfire across the internet. These misunderstandings or distortions of spiritual truths can do a lot of harm, as they can cause people to blame themselves for not being able to achieve what they are told they should be able to achieve. False spiritual teachings can contribute to mental illness, depression, hopelessness, and can lead to a spiritual awakening coming to a screeching halt.

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Ancestral healing and belief patterning

Ancestral Healing as the Key to Overcoming Limiting Patterns

For over two decades I have explored the most cutting edge energy healing techniques from all corners of the globe as a private practice energy healer and teacher of shamanic and intuitive healing. What I found through my vast and varying experiences with clients, and exploring the most effective ways to assist them in healing the very core of their challenges, is that a majority of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances primarily originate from unhealed trauma energies, repressed emotional energies, and limiting belief patterning within an individual. During my years working with clients, I discovered time and time again that regardless of a person’s life experiences, the very deepest roots of these three factors nearly always led me back to ancestral trauma in some form. My explorations of the relationship between primary causes and the origin point of those causes led be to publish my book, Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, which outlines the relationship between limiting beliefs and our challenging experiences in life. The major concepts presented in the book explore ways to uncover limiting belief patterns that we may not be aware of, how they might be affecting us, and provides healing techniques for shifting these beliefs to an expression that is in alignment with our authentic self. Where exactly do these belief patterns come from though?

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Ancestral Healing Online Course

What is ancestral healing and why is it important?

We all have traits that we inherit from our family members. We might be very aware of some of these traits –  we might have Mom’s nose, Dad’s ears, and Grandma’s sensitive stomach. But what about the energetic aspect of our genetic lineage? 

Not only do we inherit certain traits and patterns physically from our ancestral lineage, but we also inherit energetic patterns, trauma energies, and belief programs from our ancestry. We can be very deeply affected by the energies that get passed down to us through our genetic lineage as well as our soul lineage. From an energy healing perspective, it is essential to address the influences that these ancestral energies have in our lives and on our being. There are many limiting patterns, trauma responses, and even physical illnesses that can be primarily caused by unhealed and unbalanced ancestral energies that have been passed down to us. Ancestral healing works with these energies to heal these patterns on an energetic level, and transform dense and toxic energies that have been passed down from our ancestors into a more healed expression.

This type of healing work is transformational not only for ourselves, but for our entire lineage and all lineages we are connected to. Because of the multi-dimensional nature of our DNA and of our soul, ancestral healing work that we do on ourselves affects and heals the entire lineage. This means that all we really need to do is heal ourselves in order to share profound and transformational healing with our entire ancestral lineage.

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The Purpose of Ritual in Ancestral Healing Practices: A Metaphysical Perspective

When we think of ancestral healing and shamanic practices in general with regard to ritual, we may instantly think of indigenous ceremonies, ritualistic dancing and drumming, and even the use of plant medicine to achieve healing and connection. Looking at the various methods of ancestral healing taught in the West, these rituals are often based on a particular indigenous tradition or cultural practices that have been taught to or adopted by Western shamanic practitioners and healers. This is certainly acceptable, especially if the practitioner has had a direct learning and initiation experience within a particular indigenous tribe. Teaching the skills and techniques that they have learned through their personal experiences is absolutely what they should be doing to contribute their expression and wisdom to the rest of us.

It is important to understand, though, that shamanic and ancestral healing do not originate from, nor are they tied to any particular indigenous tradition, culture, or ritualistic practice. There are many great misunderstandings that come from thinking that this type of healing can only be legitimate or effective if it comes through the traditions, ritual practices, or instruction of an “authentic” source – meaning foreign indigenous peoples. In the Western world, we think that we must seek methods for this type of connection through another culture or tradition, primarily because we have lost or forgotten our connection to this wisdom and to our ancestors within our own culture. This leads us to believe that we must follow a ritual that we have learned to the letter or that we must have certain substances or “shamanic tools” in order for a healing to truly be effective. We have forgotten our own roots and our own power to heal ourselves through our personal and unique understanding of the universe.

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