This course provides in-depth instruction and unique ancestral healing techniques to help you connect with your healed ancestral guides in a supportive and fulfilling way and to heal ancestral trauma and toxic patterns in your personal ancestral lineage.

Anya Goode, M.Sc. uses her 20 years of energy healing and shamanic healing experience to teach unique methods for working with ancestral trauma and patterns within your unique ancestral lineage. This course is appropriate for anyone regardless of experience. Whether you are new to ancestral healing, are an advanced healing practitioner, or somewhere in between, this course is appropriate for anyone interested in receiving ancestral healing for themselves and learning healing techniques and metaphysical concepts behind this important work.

This course includes recorded lectures and downloadable course materials that allow you to work with your ancestors, higher self, and guides toward a more aligned and fulfilling life at your own pace. Ancestral healings and exercises are also included in the course and are designed to teach foundational ancestral healing principles through the experience of receiving deep and profound healing for yourself.

While the focus of the course is to foster a deep understanding and teach advanced tools for ancestral healing within each student’s own life, the principles in this course can be applied in a professional healing setting by experienced energy healing practitioners or holistic councilors who are interested in expanding their knowledge and ability to assist others in healing as well.

This self-paced course ensures that you can complete each lesson in your own timing and can integrate each healing successfully and completely prior to moving on to subsequent lessons. Each student will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing the course and passing the final online quiz.

Anya approaches the lessons in this course in a kind, understanding, inclusive, and non-dogmatic way that acknowledges the vast experiences and ancestral lineages that students may come from, and addresses any unique challenges that ancestral healing might pose for some individuals. Ancestral healing is for everyone, regardless of background or experience, as long as there is a desire to learn and do the work necessary to heal in one’s own unique timing.


This course is presented through pre-recorded lectures and healings, written lesson materials, and downloadable instruction through an easily-accessible online platform. The ancestral healing course is self-paced and each student will have access to the course through their own private account on this website.

    • 4 units containing 20 total lessons
    • Over 15 hours of recorded lectures, healings, and meditations
    • 18 experiential healings
    • Downloadable instruction sheets for healings
    • 24/7 access and self-paced learning
    • Free access to future updates to the course

    • Transformational healing for ancestral patterns
    • Break through cycles of trauma in your lineage
    • Free yourself from ancestral baggage
    • Connect with ancestral guides and healed ancestors
    • Explore healing through the morphogenic field
    • Healing for your multi-dimensional DNA

There are a total of 4 units, 20 lessons, and 18 healing exercises in the course which are accessible 24/7 through the ancestral healing class portal. Progress through the course is tracked in your portal, and you can access lessons that have already been completed at any time, should the student want to revisit a lesson or healing.

Each unit has a 10 question quiz that encompasses highlights from all of the lessons in that unit, which helps ensure completion and understanding of the unit’s material prior to moving on to the next unit. The quiz can be taken multiple times if necessary.

The ancestral healing course content and portal can be accessed by registered students through a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device. Instructional downloads are provided in some lessons in PDF format and require the free software Adobe Acrobat Reader or a browser plugin to view.

The course is designed to accommodate all students regardless of background, experience, schedule, or technical knowledge, and is accessible through the student’s account even after course completion. Should new material become available or be added to the course in the future, past students will always have access to this new material at no additional charge.

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About Your Instructor

Anya Goode, M.Sc.

Anya has a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Science, is a Reiki Master Teacher, and is the author of Awakening Your Soul’s Truth. With over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching energy medicine and the shamanic arts, Anya provides a grounded approach to spirituality, metaphysics, and energy healing to students of all backgrounds and experience levels. Anya’s philosophy is that all healing starts from within each individual, so courses are aimed at teaching individuals through the experience of receiving healing and then teaching the metaphysical concepts and spiritual wisdom behind practical experiences.


For more details about each lesson, click the lesson title below. Each unit is organized to guide the student through a complete and advanced understanding of ancestral healing concepts and contains multiple lessons and healings.

Unit 1: Ancestral Healing Basics

Lesson 1: Healing Your Lineage

In this introductory lecture, we explore why ancestral healing is a critical part of our overall healing journey, and how doing this work for ourselves has a profound healing effect on our consciousness growth, personal development, and on those we are connected to.

Lesson 2: Ancestral Karma

In this lesson, we learn about ancestral karma, what karma is, and how it can effect our lineage and healing process. We also discuss other facets of ancestral healing such as soul contracts, ancestral trauma, and ancestral cursing that can affect us in a variety of ways.

Lesson 3: Ancestral Illness and Patterns

This lesson gives us a detailed overview of how ancestral karma manifests in our lives as illness, disease, imbalance, and patterning that can be difficult to overcome. We discuss the basic dynamics of how healing these energies works in preparation for upcoming lessons.

Lesson 4: Purifying Ancestral Energy Streams

In this lesson, we learn about how ancestral energies enter our field, and how we can purify those streams of energy. We will begin the journey of ancestral healing work in this lesson with a healing to purify and cleanse the ancestral energy streams coming into your field. This is a first healing step to begin working with your ancestral energies.

Lesson 5: Ancestral Curses and Bindings

In this lesson we will learn about how curses and bindings that come through our ancestral lineage can affect us, and learn methods for removing and healing the effects of curses and bindings. After the lesson we will receive two healings and learn methods for clearing ancestral curses and bindings, then perform a third healing for our ancestors.

Unit 2: Your Genetic Lineage

Lesson 6: Introduction to Genetic Ancestry

In this lesson we will explore your biological lineage, or genetic lineage, and learn about how healing ourselves affects future and past generations. We learn about the different facets of your genetic lineage and introduce the concept of healing for the seven generations.

Lesson 7: Lineage Compatibility

We learn why we incarnate into a particular lineage, what factors are at play, and complete a meditation to explore how incarnating into your lineage has affected your soul’s growth. We do a meditation exercise to discover how being connected to our ancestral lineage has impacted us.

Lesson 8: Toxic Ancestral Connections

Here we learn about different types of toxic or harmful energetic ancestral connections including cords, contracts, and egregores. We receive a healing to learn how to clear these types of connections from a single individual and a second healing to learn how to clear these for your entire ancestral lineage.

Lesson 9: Seven Generations Healing

In this lesson, we learn about how ancestral trauma gets passed down the lineage to us, and we receive and learn a powerful healing technique to address any ancestral trauma you are carrying in your energy field.

Lesson 10: Setting Energetic Boundaries

We learn five methods for setting energetic boundaries with toxic ancestors or family members, and work through three healing exercises to practice these methods.

Unit 3: Your Soul Lineage

Lesson 11: Introduction to Soul Ancestry

This lesson dives into your soul lineage. We discuss the anatomy of the different aspects of our soul, including an introduction to the oversoul, higher self, and versions of ourselves from other lifetimes. We also discuss the far reaching impact that soul lineage healing has on everyone and everything.

Lesson 12: Past Life Trauma and Healing

This lesson discusses past lives, how trauma from past lives can affect us, and we learn what to expect from past life trauma healing and methods for healing this trauma. We receive two healings in this lesson, each of which is a method of healing soul lineage trauma.

Lesson 13: Connecting with Alternate Selves

In this lesson, we explore several ways we can connect with and interact with past life selves or alternate selves to achieve growth and healing for our entire soul lineage. This is an exercise focused lesson and we will be doing three different exercises to connect with alternate selves in different ways. These include:

  • Clearing Your Soul Lineage Healing
  • Programs of Mastery Healing
  • Healing an Alternate Self

Lesson 14: Accessing Soul Skills and Wisdom

Here we learn how we can access and integrate skills and wisdom that we have developed in other lifetimes that might benefit us in this life or help us navigate certain circumstances. We explore this further through guided meditation.

Lesson 15: Connecting with Your Future

In this lesson, we will look more deeply at how our ancestral healing work has a direct impact on our future and the timelines that we connect with. We will then do a healing meditation to help us feel into our future, and more deeply align with our highest and most positive timeline potentials through the ancestral healing work we are doing.

Unit 4: Advanced Ancestral Healing

Lesson 16: Ancestral Beliefs and Patterning

We begin exploring advanced ancestral healing in this lesson by learning methods for healing belief templates and ancestral patterning that limits our ability to access the life, opportunities, and experiences that we desire for ourselves. This lesson includes a healing as well as an exercise to learn this healing method.

Lesson 17: Working With Ancestral Guides

We will learn about ancestral guides in this lesson, and explore techniques for connecting with them and working with them in a more conscious way. We then receive a profound healing and connection experience with an ancestral guide and our healed ancestors. Finally, we will explore a technique for communicating with your ancestral guides to receive guidance in your daily life.

Lesson 18: Death Work and Psychopomp

This lesson explores how we can work as healers for our ancestral lineage through the birth and death processes of family members, by actively cultivating an energetically supportive experience during these transitions through life.

Lesson 19: Multi-Dimensional DNA Healing

We explore in this lesson how to work directly with our multi-dimensional or energetic DNA to heal trauma imprints, damage, and other limiting patterning in our DNA codes. We will receive DNA healing in this lesson and learn methods for accessing our own healed multi-dimensional DNA codes.

Lesson 20: Sovereignty and Empowerment

In this final lesson, we look at how we can live life through a lens of sovereignty and personal empowerment and recap takeaways from this deep and transformational healing experience.


The format of this course is self-paced, which means that you can log into your course portal at any time of day 24/7 and work on as little or as much of each lesson as you like. If you need more time for a lesson, or your schedule only permits you to work on the course at certain times or in smaller pieces, you can fit the lessons into your lifestyle and timeframe in whatever way works best for you.

Many of the lessons contain a vast amount of information, and the healings can be very profound and cause a lot of change and shifting in your life. For this reason, it is important to take this course at a pace that allows you to integrate the lessons and the healings in a way that is most easeful for you. This is exactly why the course has been formatted as a self-paced course, to accommodate anyone’s circumstances and provide appropriate space for learning and healing.

After you have purchased the course, you will have access to the course and its content indefinitely. If you want to re-visit a lesson or healing after completing it, you can simply log into your account and repeat the lesson again at any time.

Additionally, if more content is added to the course in the future, students who have already completed the course will have access to any new or updated content that might become available at no additional charge. You will receive an email to update you on any new content in the course and you can log in to view it at your convenience.

The entire course is available online through this website. You may do the lessons on a laptop, tablet, mobile device, or desktop computer. The only requirement is an internet connection and internet browser.

Additionally, there are instructional documents in some lessons available for download. These documents are in PDF format, and free PDF reader software is required to view these documents. Most computers and mobile devices already have this free software installed. If your computer does not have this software, it can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

This course is formatted to be accessible to anyone, regardless of experience. This being said, the course does contain meditations that suggest visualization of certain imagery in the mind’s eye, and contains energy healings and methods for doing these healings for yourself. It is helpful to have had some experience receiving energy healing to know how your body reacts to this type of work, however this is not a requirement to complete the course or to get the most out of the lessons. The healings and lessons are formatted so that students can participate without any particular experience or skills.

The course does contain advanced energy healing techniques, spiritual teachings, and metaphysical concepts, though, so those who are not interested in these topics may find a different course more suitable.

The concepts and healing techniques in this course are unique and advanced, and they can be applied in an energy healing practice setting at your discretion or within your own life for personal healing. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of this course, however this is not a practitioner certification course.

Any use of the techniques and concepts discussed in this course for yourself or on others is subject to your own interpretations and is at your own risk, and should not be done against the advice of medical professionals. For additional terms of use for this course, please see our terms of service page.

You can access the course at any time by clicking the Student Login link at the top of any page on this website.  From there you will be directed to enter the username and password you created upon signing up. Once you log in, you may click the link at the top of the page to visit your student dashboard. All courses and course information is accessible from here.


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