How to heal anxiety in empaths

How Empaths Can Reduce Anxiety Around Others: An Energy Healing Method


One of the greatest struggles for empaths and highly-sensitive people is the anxiety that is often felt around other individuals. This can especially be the case around people who are “unloaders” by nature, or those who like to verbally and energetically eject their emotional baggage and trauma onto others.

As empaths, we feel what others feel very deeply because of our sensitivity to energy. This can often feel like a curse, however the only real curse is not having the knowledge of how to heal the aspects of ourselves that make it challenging to be an empath in the world that we live in.

What is Empath Anxiety?

The anxiety that empaths often struggle with seems like an insurmountable problem with no solutions. We often know why and around whom it is triggered, but beyond understanding the basic triggers, we often don’t understand the anxiety itself and what it actually is.

There are really three forms of anxiety that feel differently from one another. I discuss all three forms in my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, however for the sake of this article, the two that are most important are anxiety caused by a mix of emotional energies moving within the energy field and body, and anxiety that occurs when we are physically or energetically in danger.

Often empath anxiety is a mix of these two. When we feel the emotional energy of other individuals entering our field rapidly, especially when we are communicating with them directly, it forms an energetic soup of emotion in our field that is a combination of what belongs to others and what belongs to us. The sensation of this moving emotional soup (it probably feels more like mud or sewage in some cases) is what we call anxiety. Additionally, because our field is being invaded by the emotional and even trauma energy of others, it feels like an assault on our energetic system and our body can also respond with “warning” anxiety as a danger signal. While we might be physically safe, being bombarded by the lower emotional and trauma energy of others certainly isn’t energetically safe.

Often the reason that foreign energies are even able to enter our aura in the first place is due to what many know as the law of attraction, or the law of resonance. Like attracts like. So when we are around others with similar emotions or trauma as us, especially if they are speaking about it or consciously experiencing those energies, their energies can stick to any matching energies that we have in our energy body.

What we don’t often realize is that our own lower emotions and traumas (what we might recognize as trigger points), leave weak spots or holes on our energy body. These dense energies of our own make the opening, and when the energies of another individual “resonate” with our own energies, they attract like magnets. Our own trauma and emotions can literally serve as magnets that draw in more emotion and trauma energy from our environment and those we are connected to or physically present with. The good news about all this mess, is that there is something we can do about it.

How to Heal Empath Anxiety

The laws of the universe apply to everyone, not just empaths, so this same energy dynamic that causes empath anxiety exists in everyone and everything. No one is immune from being affected by or attracting into their field the emotions and trauma of others. Many empaths can begin to feel victimized by their gifts, or as if they are the only walking sponges for everyone elses’ stuff and everyone else gets a free pass. The thing to know here is that EVERYONE is susceptible to this law of resonance energy dynamic. So while you might experience and have an awareness of others’ energies affecting you in a harmful way, know that there are countless people out there being affected in the same way who are simply not tuned into energy in the same way you are.

The great gift of being an empath, or sensitive to energy in general, is that we have this fine-tuned skill of detecting foreign energies in a very real and palpable way. We know very clearly when we are being energetically affected by others, and this can be our greatest blessing when we realize this. Our gift is a meter that can detect when something is off, and this gives us the choice to do something about it.

There are many methods for clearing foreign energy from the aura and body, and these methods are certainly part of the empath healing toolkit. This being said, if we don’t heal our own trauma and emotions, there will always be those little magnets in our energy field leaving a clear path for harmful foreign energies to enter.

The key to long-term growth, healing, and strengthening of an empath and their energy body, is to use the awareness of foreign energies invading (the anxiety), plus the understanding that these foreign energies are sticking to something in you, to clear your energy field of both the foreign energies and your own trauma and emotions that are being triggered (or that these foreign energies are sticking to).

In order to heal something, we have to become aware that it exists in the first place. When we know that others’ energies can stick to our own, and that often this is how foreign energies end up in our energy field, this gives us the awareness that something of our own is present too. We can use this to our advantage to clear both the foreign energies and our own energies that are serving as the magnet.

This healing approach is an ongoing process. As much as we would like to flip a switch and turn it off, we simply can’t change the way the universe works to suit our comfort level. What this does mean, though, is that the more you become aware of when you are feeling anxiety out in public or when interacting with others, and then take action to do this healing for yourself, the less magnets you will have in your energy field.

Over time, your energy body will become stronger and will contain more and more light. Your gift of feeling what others feel will not go away, but eventually you will no longer be a sponge for the energies of others. That “feeling” sense of your environment and what others are feeling will be less intense and will feel more like you are touching something at an arms length away rather than having a visceral experience inside of your body that feels very physical.

Empath Anxiety Energy Healing Meditation

If you are interested in trying a simple method for clearing both foreign energies and your own, I have put together a healing meditation that will guide you through the process. No prior energy healing experience is needed.

While some of our own traumas and emotions likely need deeper healing than what this meditation offers, this exercise can be extremely effective for releasing anxiety when you are feeling it and for working through specific triggers you might have. The more you repeat this healing when you feel called to, the more you will release from your field. You may download the instructions for free, or if you prefer a guided meditation to listen to, you may purchase that below.

Know that with any healing of this nature, you may experience temporary energetic clearing symptoms. These can include tingling sensations, heat, cold, yawning, twitching, dizziness, emotional release, and others. It is important to drink a lot of water after healing, take a salt bath if possible, eat something if you feel ungrounded, and generally take care of yourself and your body.

Here is the healing process for clearing foreign energies and your own matching energies. You may download the instructions for free using the link below, or scroll to the bottom of the article to download a guided healing:

Please note that energy healing can be very powerful, however it is not to be used in exchange for medical care and this healing is not to be taken as medical advice. If you have any symptoms or conditions that require medical treatment, please see a physician or mental health professional. If you choose to use this healing, it is at your own risk. For additional terms, please see the terms of service page on this website.

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