Hearing the Call: Now Offering One-on-One Sessions


Life is a funny thing. Sometimes when we leave something behind, we think we’ve left it behind forever, and this may frequently be the case. Other times, what we leave behind stays in the past, but decides it wants to emerge again in a new form in the future.

I have spent the last few years writing, creating content, recording courses and meditations for a wide audience, and this has worked well for me. It has given me the creative space I craved for the many years that I ran my private healing practice. Yet, recently I’ve been hearing the call – a call to get back to working with people one-on-one again.

This sudden feeling of being drawn back into the world of working with people individually was not something I expected or ever thought I would feel again. Here I am though, announcing that I am officially getting back to it – just in a different form than in the past.

The new format of my private session offerings will be completely virtual. I will offer session packages that will allow you to work with me on an ongoing basis as a coach, mentor, teacher, and healer. These packages allow us to work toward specific goals over time, track the progress of your healing and growth, and give you tools between sessions to learn how to be empowered in your own growth and healing.

New Packages

There are three offerings to work with me one-on-one through regular video calls with ongoing support, and all require an application and approval before we begin. I am also offering a fourth service that does not require an application.

Education + Mentoring for Healers

This first offering is for healers and those who need support for themselves as they support others. This program will be guided by your intentions and we can work together toward your own healing, and to support your continued growth as a healer by learning new techniques I have learned and developed over my 20 years of experience in the intuitive healing arts. This offering is a combination of healing, mentoring, teaching of new techniques and skills, and support for those in a healing role.

Energy Healing + Spiritual Coaching

I am also offering energy healing sessions combined with coaching for anyone interesting in a unique way to accelerate their healing, spiritual awakening, and personal growth. You will not only receive healing, but you will also learn techniques to continue healing on your own time. This service is a co-creative partnership where we work together for your growth and upliftment. There will be homework between sessions and all sessions will be guided by your intentions, your guides, and higher-self.

Empath Mentoring + Healing

For empaths struggling with being an empath and feeling overwhelmed by their gifts, this program is designed to help you live an empowered an uplifting life in a way that supports your unique life and situation, your unique skills and soul path, and teaches you techniques for personal transformation. The struggles we endure as empaths are not a flaw of the empathic gift, but rather a flaw of our culture, social programming around emotion, traumas we’ve experienced, and many other factors. All of these factors can be balanced and healed, and my goal is to teach you methods for doing so, so that you can live your most abundant, fulfilling, peaceful, and uplifting life.

Distance Energy Healing Tuneup

For those that do not want to work with me through a direct one-on-one connection and simply want an energetic boost or “tuneup”, this service is perfect. No application is required. You can book an appointment and you will receive healing for whatever your intentions are as well as an energy tuneup based on your specific needs. While you will not be speaking with me directly during a tuneup session, you will receive a brief report by email conveying what was worked on during your session.

To learn more about any of my new offerings, click the “Learn More” buttons above. I am so excited to be working with people again in a new format and to co-creating beautiful healing and growth together!

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