Trail in the Woods Meditation

This download is a companion of the Trail in the Woods section in my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, where I guide the listener through a full meditation journey through the trail of one’s own truth. This meditation is new material which expands upon the lessons in the book, heals beliefs that are blocking your path forward, cleanses your being, and guides you to an understanding and vision of your own unique trail in the woods.

This download includes a recording of a new meditation based on the lessons in my book. Additionally, an instructional PDF is provided to teach you more about the meditation, how it works, and how it can be used.

This is an especially useful meditation for those seeking guidance and a vision of their highest path forward in life, and can be repeated with different and relevant results each time. This healing will also help clear blocks in your path and bring awareness to those blocks so that they can be cleared. It is helpful if the listener has meditation and visualization experience for this meditation to be most effective.

This purchase includes the following files:

  • MP3 of the original Trail in the Woods Meditation (Length 27:38)
  • PDF instruction guide