Rose Gold Light Auric Field Healing

This download is a companion of the Rose Gold Light meditation in my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth. In this meditation I guide the listener through a full healing meditation intended to teach a simple and extremely effective technique for clearing the aura of any harmful cords, debris, or unwanted energy.

This download includes a recording of an expanded version of the meditation found in my book that incorporates additional clearings and healing statements for an even more advanced and powerful healing. Additionally, an instructional PDF is provided to teach the listener more about the healing, how it works, and how it can be used in a multitude of ways.

This is an especially useful meditation and healing for empathic and highly sensitive people, especially for those that are susceptible to absorbing the energies of others and their environment. It is recommended that this meditation be repeated regularly, ideally at the end of each day, to strengthen the aura and clear the energy field.

This purchase includes the following files:

  • MP3 of an expanded version of the Rose Gold Light Meditation
  • PDF instruction guide