Limiting Belief Templates Healing

This download is a companion of the Limiting Belief Templates Healing in my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth. I guide the listener through a full healing meditation intended to clear commonly held beliefs not in alignment with your true nature.

This download includes a recording of the original meditation, which has been expanded to include additional templates not included in the book. Additionally, an instructional PDF is provided to teach the listener more about the healing, how it works, and how it can be used in a multitude of ways.

This meditation is especially effective at clearing belief templates and associated energies that limit an individual’s ability to expand their consciousness, heal in appropriate ways, and empower themselves. This is a precursor exercise that is helpful for all individuals on a healing path, as it helps remove limiting beliefs that inhibit growth and spiritual development.

This purchase includes the following files:

  • MP3 of the original Trail in the Woods Meditation (Length: 28:41)
  • PDF instruction guide