healing from karma cycles

Let’s talk about karma. One of the most unhealthy and toxic concepts that has been injected into the collective mindset is that karma is a form of punishment. Even those of us who are aware that this is not the case, still tend to see karma as a cause and effect dynamic. I did this, so this happened to me. You did that, so this other thing happened to you. This viewpoint is far too simplistic, as karma is a complex mechanism that is impossible to fully “see” from the human perspective. We may understand that in this universe all things balance out eventually, but there are many other factors at play besides karma that bring certain events, people, and challenges into our lives.

There is a fine line to walk here. It is essential to understand that karma does exist and that it is a law of the universe. It is the balancing of energies, no more and no less. It is also essential to understand that we are not at the mercy of karma, or victims of karma. We may have karmic relationships or karmic patterns present in our lives, but we do not simply have to put up with these dynamics (especially if they are harmful to us) because we feel as if “it’s a karma thing.” Karmic patterns and relationships are present in our lives because they are seeking balance. It is healing ourselves and whatever wounds, traumas, or beliefs we have that attract these types of patterns and relationships that allows us to break these karmic cycles or karmic loops for good. We are not meant to stay stuck in karma. We are meant to do healing to free ourselves from it.

This means that you do not need to stay in toxic relationships because you feel as if they are karmic in nature. Healing the karma means resolving any imbalances within yourself (or even your ancestral lineage) that created that karma in the first place, and then move on from it. It is extremely disempowering and harmful to us to think that we have to maintain negative circumstances in our lives or abusive relationships because we have something to work out, or we think we must deserve it because of some past life thing. We are sovereign beings with free will. We are not victims of our circumstances, and we do have the power to change things and to do so very quickly when we have the means and wisdom. At the same time, if we leave any of these relationships or circumstances behind before we do the healing we need to, other similar circumstances or people will enter our lives that are meant to show us where this healing lies. We repeat the cycle.

How do we get out, then? The answer, as always, is to look within. One of the fastest and most powerful ways to resolve karma is to offer forgiveness to those who have wronged you or to yourself, which is an internal process that can be done at any time within your own heart. It can be balanced by shifting beliefs that keep you limited to certain circumstances, as well as by healing trauma from this lifetime or others that is keeping you tied to certain individuals or circumstances. There are many ways to balance karma, but it is a much faster process that we have much more control over than we could ever think possible. We are the creators of our own reality, though. We do have the power.

Setting an intention to heal any karma you have remaining for yourself, and asking your guides and higher self specifically for help in doing so will fast-track the process. It is also essential to focus on the concept of balancing energies when doing this work, and try to stay out of a blame mentality (whether that be blaming yourself or others). We have all done things we aren’t proud of for many different reasons. Forgiveness and compassion for self and others is the key here. In fact, forgiveness and compassion for yourself may be the most important karmic lesson of all, even before offering it to others. We often stay in harmful circumstances because we either feel we deserve it, don’t want to hurt the other individual the way they have hurt us, or think we simply have to let the karma play itself out before we are free. The greatest lesson of all is to have enough compassion, love, and forgiveness for yourself to empower yourself within your own life and your own healing. Sometimes this means leaving harmful relationships behind. You are not responsible for others’ emotions or how others react to your choices. Making choices to better your life does not create “negative” karma for yourself if others don’t like your choices. Other times, clearing karma simply means making internal shifts that change your outer dynamics. This alone can balance many energies that need to be balanced within you.

As you do karmic healing work, know that there are many reasons why our lives look the way that they do. Sometimes these reasons are more sinister in nature and are influenced by darker forces at work. Other times we may have unconsciously or in ignorance agreed to certain contracts with people that are not in our highest good that can be easily broken when we become aware of them. Other times we may have unhealed trauma energies that attract certain individuals and circumstances. Many times we are not “at fault” for our trauma, but those energies attract other similar circumstances until we heal that trauma. This is still a balancing of energies. This is technically still karma, but it has nothing to do with us doing something wrong to deserve our circumstances. At the end of the day, though, we are still responsible for the inner work necessary to balance things out.

For more information on this type of healing, see my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth which contains a vast amount of information on how to heal from life’s challenges.