Ancestral Healing Online Course

What is ancestral healing and why is it important?

We all have traits that we inherit from our family members. We might be very aware of some of these traits –  we might have Mom’s nose, Dad’s ears, and Grandma’s sensitive stomach. But what about the energetic aspect of our genetic lineage? 

Not only do we inherit certain traits and patterns physically from our ancestral lineage, but we also inherit energetic patterns, trauma energies, and belief programs from our ancestry. We can be very deeply affected by the energies that get passed down to us through our genetic lineage as well as our soul lineage. From an energy healing perspective, it is essential to address the influences that these ancestral energies have in our lives and on our being. There are many limiting patterns, trauma responses, and even physical illnesses that can be primarily caused by unhealed and unbalanced ancestral energies that have been passed down to us. Ancestral healing works with these energies to heal these patterns on an energetic level, and transform dense and toxic energies that have been passed down from our ancestors into a more healed expression.

This type of healing work is transformational not only for ourselves, but for our entire lineage and all lineages we are connected to. Because of the multi-dimensional nature of our DNA and of our soul, ancestral healing work that we do on ourselves affects and heals the entire lineage. This means that all we really need to do is heal ourselves in order to share profound and transformational healing with our entire ancestral lineage.

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healing from karma cycles

Breaking Karma Loops

Let’s talk about karma. One of the most unhealthy and toxic concepts that has been injected into the collective mindset is that karma is a form of punishment. Even those of us who are aware that this is not the case, still tend to see karma as a cause and effect dynamic. I did this, so this happened to me. You did that, so this other thing happened to you. This viewpoint is far too simplistic, as karma is a complex mechanism that is impossible to fully “see” from the human perspective. We may understand that in this universe all things balance out eventually, but there are many other factors at play besides karma that bring certain events, people, and challenges into our lives.

There is a fine line to walk here. It is essential to understand that karma does exist and that it is a law of the universe. It is the balancing of energies, no more and no less. It is also essential to understand that we are not at the mercy of karma, or victims of karma. We may have karmic relationships or karmic patterns present in our lives, but we do not simply have to put up with these dynamics (especially if they are harmful to us) because we feel as if “it’s a karma thing.” Karmic patterns and relationships are present in our lives because they are seeking balance. It is healing ourselves and whatever wounds, traumas, or beliefs we have that attract these types of patterns and relationships that allows us to break these karmic cycles or karmic loops for good. We are not meant to stay stuck in karma. We are meant to do healing to free ourselves from it.

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The Purpose of Ritual in Ancestral Healing Practices: A Metaphysical Perspective

When we think of ancestral healing and shamanic practices in general with regard to ritual, we may instantly think of indigenous ceremonies, ritualistic dancing and drumming, and even the use of plant medicine to achieve healing and connection. Looking at the various methods of ancestral healing taught in the West, these rituals are often based on a particular indigenous tradition or cultural practices that have been taught to or adopted by Western shamanic practitioners and healers. This is certainly acceptable, especially if the practitioner has had a direct learning and initiation experience within a particular indigenous tribe. Teaching the skills and techniques that they have learned through their personal experiences is absolutely what they should be doing to contribute their expression and wisdom to the rest of us.

It is important to understand, though, that shamanic and ancestral healing do not originate from, nor are they tied to any particular indigenous tradition, culture, or ritualistic practice. There are many great misunderstandings that come from thinking that this type of healing can only be legitimate or effective if it comes through the traditions, ritual practices, or instruction of an “authentic” source – meaning foreign indigenous peoples. In the Western world, we think that we must seek methods for this type of connection through another culture or tradition, primarily because we have lost or forgotten our connection to this wisdom and to our ancestors within our own culture. This leads us to believe that we must follow a ritual that we have learned to the letter or that we must have certain substances or “shamanic tools” in order for a healing to truly be effective. We have forgotten our own roots and our own power to heal ourselves through our personal and unique understanding of the universe.

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Seven Generations Ancestral Healing

Seven Generations Philosophy and Ancestral Healing

You may have heard of the Seven Generations philosophy. Its historical origins can be traced back to the Haudenosaunee peoples of North America who live by the philosophy that we are all connected within a community, not only in our current lifetime, but generationally as well. This connection extends both forward and backward, and it is understood by these native peoples that any actions we take have a lasting affect, not only on individuals in the present, but on future generations as well. Those who follow the Seven Generations philosophy in their lives and in their communities prioritize the lasting effect of the decisions they make over the immediate effect. Living by this philosophy honors the wellbeing of all creation beyond the present time first and foremost.

While this philosophy can be historically traced to the Haudenosaunee peoples, it is a way of living that we see throughout many cultures, both indigenous and otherwise. So much so, that it has become a key principle in relation to sustainability and environmental protection. We even see “green” household products and energy companies using this term in their branding. In some cases, this is the philosophy that these corporations follow in their decision making, and in other cases it is simply a marketing tactic. Either way, the term “seven generations” has become very recognizable in mainstream western culture. Taking future generations into consideration when making policies and decisions is an important step to ensuring the longevity of our species as a whole, however there is also a deeper level to the Seven Generations philosophy that goes beyond physical practices and policies.

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does kale raise your vibration

Have You Eaten Your Kale Today?

What are the fastest, easiest, and best ways to raise your vibration? This is one of the hottest topics of discussion among spiritual seekers today. There seem to be a wide variety of opinions, many of which center around diet, exercise, lifestyle, and spiritual practices. While eating your leafy greens can improve your overall health, make the body stronger and run more efficiently, and ultimately raise your vibration, there are a few caveats to these commonly suggested tools for raising your vibe higher.

When we first enter our spiritual awakening process, we often rapidly become aware of the habits of our past that are not supporting our growth. Changing diet, drinking more water, reducing the chemicals we consume, starting a meditation practice, and doing yoga are all great ways to raise your vibration during the initial phases of awakening, and there is nothing wrong with these practices. The problem, though, is that we become accustomed to being able to make relatively small external behavioral or routine changes in our lives, and see quick results in our overall vibration during this phase of our journey. This looks like our mood improving, having synchronicities day in and day out, downloading all sorts of information, opening the third eye and the intuition, and many other positive effects that come with spiritual growth.

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