Aligning with your highest good

What Does the Intention “For the Highest Good” Really Mean?

Any time I do healing and energy work for myself or others, I always intend for the outcome to be for the highest good of myself (or the individual I’m working with) and all of creation. What this means is that I intend for the energy I put forth to serve not only my growth and well-being, but also the growth and well-being of everything that exists. This method of intention-setting acknowledges that our success, abundance, healing, joy, enlightenment, and other benefits we gain from energy work or actions of any kind are only truly in alignment with the light and soul growth if that growth benefits all of creation as well.

This simple intention does many things. First, it allows only beings that are in service of this intention (unconditionally loving beings of the middle path) to connect with us. This is a very effective protection against infiltration from beings who might “help” us get what we want (or think we want) in exchange for something that benefits them. These types of beings are not of the middle path and ultimately are service-to-self in that they “help” or “give” to get what they want or need. In the process, you may get what you think you want, but it comes at a price of taking from others, entering into detrimental or parasitic contracts, or even doing harm to yourself or others.

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What Is Ancestral Karma?

What is Ancestral Karma and How Does It Affect Us?

When we think about ancestral healing, we often associate it with “ancestral karma” and how that karma might be affecting us in some way. It might seem a bit ominous to think that we could be affected by the negative or harmful actions of our ancestors, or that we are being punished in some way for simply being born into a lineage. This perspective is a common one, yet it comes from a great misinterpretation of karma and its role.

Before we can fully understand ancestral karma, we must understand what karma is in general and what its role is. Karma is not about punishment, collecting points, or judgment. Karma is a fundamental law of the universe and can be thought of as the law of cause and effect. Karma exists outside of polarity, meaning that there is no good and bad, right and wrong, black and white, etc. Karma simply means that for every action or “cause” there are effects of that cause that are meant to bring balance to the original action. This means that karma isn’t something to be feared, it is really just a function of the universe that is meant to keep things in balance. It is no different than the laws of physics that we might be familiar with, such as the law of universal gravitation. If we fall out of a tree, we don’t think that gravity is punishing us by making us go down and eventually hit the ground, because we know that gravity is simply a law of physics and exists regardless of our relationship with it. Karma is the same way. It is simply the way things work, regardless of our relationship with it.

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Awakening Your Soul’s Truth Now Available!

I am so pleased to announce that my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth: A Powerful Guide for Transformation, Healing, and Consciousness Growth is now available for purchase! This book has been a long time in the making and contains valuable tools for spiritual growth, healing, and awakening for both dedicated spiritual seekers and those new to the awakening path. As a long time private practice energy healer, I saw countless individuals who were genuinely ready to heal and grow, struggle deeply with finding the best path forward. They were ready to do the work, and simply didn’t know what steps to take that would best serve them.

This book contains complex spiritual teachings and esoteric wisdom that I have gained through years of experience that are broken down into a format that is easily understood by anyone. Each of us has a unique path in life, however having an awareness of how our beliefs, emotions, challenges, and actions interact with each other is the key to creating the reality that we so much desire for ourselves. I also include healings and exercises that will serve to fast track your awakening process, and companion materials can be purchased on my website for continued learning and healing.

May this co-creation serve you in whatever way best assists you on your path forward, and thank you for supporting my work!

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law of attraction secrets

What Spiritual Teachers Aren’t Telling You About the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction has been a hot topic for quite some time. Spiritual teachers reference this fundamental law of the universe when teaching ways to attract abundance and live your best life. The basic premise of the law of attraction is that like attracts like. Energies that we hold in our field serve as magnets to draw in energies from “out there” and as a result we attract into our physical lives what we hold within us.

Many spiritual teachers talk about changing your attitude and your actions to align with what you want to attract in your life, but this is an extremely limited perspective on how the law of attraction actually works. It’s not as simple as slapping a smile on your face and getting a house with a two car garage hoping the second garage bay will be filled some day. This is why so many people feel as if they have failed and become very discouraged when following this advice. We all want a simple formula for living our best lives, and there is nothing wrong with that, but when it comes down to it, there are a lot more factors at play with the law of attraction than just attitude and intention.

The law of attraction is non-discriminatory. It is not selective with the energies in you that are used to magnetize the experiences, relationships, and circumstances that you have, and we have a lot of different energies that we emit and hold within us. Our thoughts and actions are only part of the picture.

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what is the middle path

What is the Middle Path?

I frequently refer to the benevolent beings or guides that I work with as “beings of the middle path,” and am often questioned as to what the middle path actually is and why this is a terminology I use. Many say that the middle path or the middle way is a term specific to Buddhism referring to the balance between over-indulgence and extreme deprivation. While I do not specifically practice Buddhism myself, and am certainly no expert on the practices of Buddhism, I find that the concepts behind the teachings of the middle path generally align with what others’ refer to as Christ Consciousness. There are many different names in many different traditions for the same or similar truths. The middle path, as a term, resonates most closely with my truth and this is why I use it.

Taking the term outside of any religious context, though, the middle path is a specific energetic alignment. Firstly, it is not exclusive to over-indulgence and self-deprivation, as it encompasses far more than these two specific extremes. My understanding of the middle path encompasses polarity and duality in general and is not specific to any two opposites. It is the middle path of any and all extremes or opposing forces.

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