What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that involves the study of the existence of things, or beingness, as well as theories of the relationship between all things that exist. The origin of metaphysics and the study of theoretical science is typically traced to Aristotle and other philosophers of Ancient Greece. Metaphysics involves the facets of reality that exist beyond physics, or that have yet to be proven through scientific study, and is primarily philosophical or theoretical in nature. It is ultimately the study of the nature of the universe and the core or first principles of reality that transcend the physical world.

While metaphysics is the philosophical study of the nature of reality, alchemy involves the practical application of metaphysics. Although the true purpose of alchemy has historically been misinterpreted as an attempt to transform one physical substance into another, metaphysics, alchemy, and mysticism were and continue to be intricately linked for those who study spiritual development and consciousness growth. Before alchemists began practicing a distortion of the original esoteric intentions of alchemical transformation, alchemists in Ancient Egypt and beyond applied metaphysical concepts and the teachings of Hermeticism to achieve personal transformation and spiritual development. More can be read about the modern return of alchemy, mysticism, and metaphysics in the article entitled Modern Alchemy.

How does metaphysics relate to energy healing?

In recent years, there has been a great focus on studying and testing energy healing methods scientifically. While there have been many scientific studies that support the effectiveness and viability of energy healing, it is actually the understanding and mastery of metaphysical concepts, mysticism, intuitive development, and alchemy that are the most critical components of truly effective energy healing methods. Mysticism and the intuitive exploration of reality allow individuals to “study” the nature of reality in a way that is inaccessible to those who have not developed their senses beyond the physical. If we truly want to explore alchemical transformation and spiritual awakening for ourselves, it is essential that we understand metaphysical teachings which can only truly be accessed intuitively. This makes it very difficult for those who are not on a spiritual path or who have not experienced a spiritual awakening to understand concepts that seem very obvious to those who have. The missing component is intuition which serves as the bridge between physical and non-physical reality. When we explore and deeply understand metaphysical teachings or spiritual teachings in the core of our being, we are then able to apply those teachings to our physical existence and condition. This is true alchemy and leads to true spiritual awakening and transformation.

Energy healing is an effective way to heal or resolve pain, illness, disease, emotional imbalance, and other dysfunctions of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies, but this is only as a result of addressing the energetic imbalances that manifest in our physical experience of reality. Healing is critically linked to consciousness growth and development. This means that we must truly understand ourselves and our experiences, including any traumas, limiting beliefs, repressed emotions, and the challenges we experience, and then consciously choose to address the aspects of our being that are out of alignment due to these factors to truly heal. Energy healing, intuitive exploration of the self, and the study of esoteric philosophy, metaphysics, and true alchemy are all essential aspects of progressing along a path of spiritual awakening and development.

Energy healing courses with advanced metaphysical teachings

Many energy healing courses such as Reiki that are taught in the Western world today have become watered down and are absent of the foundational metaphysical principles and teachings behind energy medicine and spiritual growth as a whole. Reiki has become an introductory and highly accessible method of energy healing in the West, which has its benefits and drawbacks. Unfortunately, many practitioners become certified overnight with very little practical experience in the healing arts after taking a simplified course. Many courses offer very little study of metaphysical concepts or the energetic and esoteric principles behind the core cause of disease and disfunction.

This is not to say that the Reiki energy itself does not help others when it is channeled by a practitioner with very little metaphysical knowledge or understanding. Reiki energy and any life-force energies with healing and loving intent have a positive effect regardless of understanding; however, to experience truly effective healing and spiritual growth, the healing and the reason it is needed in the first place must be understood consciously by the individual needing the healing. The foundation of spiritual development is healing, as healing is where transformation or alchemy occurs within an individual.

There is a great need for energy healing courses and spiritual development tools that deeply integrate an understanding of metaphysical principles and that which exists beyond our physical reality. The courses on this website do just that, and are organized in a way that make them accessible to both new spiritual seekers and enriching for healers who have been practicing for many years.

Anya’s energy healing courses and meditations teach unique content and techniques that she has developed through decades of energy healing experience and her own intuitive exploration of the nature of reality. The focus of her courses is to teach healing through the experience of healing the self, as healing begins within each of us always. When we fully experience healing certain facets of our being firsthand, we are then able to understand ourselves and offer that understanding to others seeking healing and spiritual growth. This is what makes a true healer and alchemist – one who can assist others in bringing the unconscious into conscious awareness so that the choice to transform imbalances and release density can be made by the individual.

Healing techniques in all of Anya’s courses are taught in conjunction with related metaphysical and spiritual concepts. Students are encouraged to not only receive and learn the healing techniques themselves, but to understand why and how they work from a metaphysical perspective as well. This ensures that the understanding of how both imbalance and healing occur is achieved by students, and thus empowers students over their own healing journey and spiritual development.

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