Meet Anya Goode

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Anya Goode, M.Sc.

Energy Healer | Spiritual Teacher | Author

“A spiritual awakening is a revealing of the self, no more and no less. Your authentic self is there with you always. Your true self, your light within, is the gateway to the cosmos and it contains all the wisdom you need to live a fruitful, happy, and authentic life.”

– Anya Goode, Awakening Your Soul’s Truth

It took me a long time to unwrap my authentic self. In fact, I’m still working on it. That’s what life is all about isn’t it? Scrubbing away everything that doesn’t quite fit to reveal what lies beneath it all. Beyond all of the cultural dogma, familial pressure, and very human institutions that tell us who and how we should be, there are always little glimpses of who we really are. It’s weeding those little gems out from the rest of the mess that’s the hard part.

When I was three my favorite cartoon was Ghostbusters. I used to watch every weekend morning with wonder and excitement, and would dream of a day that maybe I could catch some ghosts too. The spirit world intermingling with human experience seemed very real to me as a very young child. Even as I grew older and my culture, family, and peers attempted to eradicate this possibility from my reality, there was always a thread that I held onto that kept me seeking.

It wasn’t until after my spiritual awakening that I had my first personal encounter with a wayward soul. I was in a trance state – a skill that seemed to find me rather than me finding it – during a meditation meant to work through a particular issue I was having. Suddenly, a woman broke into my meditation and appeared in front of me holding a baby. I could feel the terror emanating from her being, and in that instant I intuitively knew that she was not living, that she didn’t know she wasn’t living, and that she couldn’t find her way out of whatever astral space she had found herself in. I instinctively visualized a portal of light to the other side, comforted her, explained the situation, and guided her through with her baby. A sense of peace washed over me and that was that. I had no idea how I knew what was happening to this woman or how I knew what to do about it, yet there I was moving her along to the other side.

Dozens of spirits and many years later, I guess I can say that Ghostbusters didn’t get it quite right, but it wasn’t wrong either. Crossing over wayward spirits is not something I would list on my resume, but it was an entry point into the realms beyond the physical for me and is still a task that finds me every so often. This “skill” was a soul remembrance from lives lived long ago, and during my years as a private practice energy healer, every so often a client would come to me for help with something mischievous running around their basement or an unseen someone knocking on their walls all hours of the night. Our gifts and our skills are part of us, they come with us lifetime after lifetime and become embedded in our soul’s blueprint. Regardless of what we want to be doing or think we should be doing, when we are aligned with being of service to others, those needing our skills and gifts tend to find us, like it or not.

The Blessing of Soul Gifts

I was lucky that many of my gifts revealed themselves to me through first-hand experience. Time and time again, I was presented with a situation, and some part of me leapt forward to take care of it. There was the time I had a random idea during meditation to visualize walking outside my house, down the street, and into the woods. I gave it a whirl and there I was in what I now know to be what many call a shamanic journey meeting one of my guides for the first time. There was the time I was trying to clear energy from a painful psychic attack (a story for a different day), and my left hand popped up all by itself and started doing light-language over my body for the first time. There was also the time a client asked me if I thought they had guides, when suddenly I heard one of their higher-dimensional guides speaking to them about things I had no knowledge of in my head. I delivered the message, and there I was having my first channeling experience. My “self” and my gifts revealed themselves to me one experience at a time over the course of many years.

This blessing doesn’t go over well in a world where credentials, degrees, and certifications count the most, so when I decided to make a career of energy work, I set out to make what was already in me seem legit. I became a Reiki Master Teacher and studied a multitude of other energy healing modalities, as many as I could get my hands on really. I trained with shamanic healers from many different traditions including Celtic mysticism, Tibetan Buddhism, Toltec shamanic practices, Hawaiian mysticism, and other diverse cultures. I even earned a master’s degree in Metaphysical Science and became ordained as a spiritual minister. I did all of the things you are supposed to do, and yet I found that while I learned many things, some of these teachings or the approach of the teachers didn’t resonate with me at all.

A Mission of Truth and Empowerment

I soon realized that often times I was learning someone else’s truth through their lens of experience, their culture, their wounds, and their beliefs in my quest for knowledge, training, and spiritual development. I had the pieces of paper that culture says are important, yet time and time again, I ended up teaching my own students and clients very little of what I had learned from others. I have taught intuitive development and energy healing to hundreds of students from across the globe over the course of my career, and often times felt called to develop my own techniques and methodologies that drew from my own soul’s experience and wisdom rather than teach what I had learned from others.

My one caveat in doing this work has always been that my own techniques must be malleable, applicable to all, and must empower each individual in their own healing and spiritual awakening process. I have always believed that healers and teachers are meant to serve as a guide and support for others’ carving out their own unique way forward.

One of my missions here as a healer, spiritual teacher, author, friend, guide, or whatever other term you’d like to use, is to use my truth, my skills, and my unique experiences to guide others to their own truth. Not to my truth, not to a reiki truth or a shamanic truth or an indigenous truth or a yogic truth, but to truth without the labels. Where do we find this truth? Inside each of us.

It is this mission that inspired me to write my book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, which was published in 2021. I would consider this book a co-creation between myself and spirit, and writing it was one of the most healing things I have done for myself in my own life. It offers transformational spiritual guidance for those seeking a deeper understanding of spiritual awakening, as well as practical energy healing techniques and spiritual wisdom for working with limiting beliefs and life experiences energetically.

The Light After a Dark Night

Despite having worked with countless clients and students in my healing practice over the course of my career, I can honestly say that healing and making it to the other side of my personal “Dark Night of the Soul” is my greatest accomplishment and greatest blessing. The PG-13 version of my Dark Night, in short, involved remembering 12 years of long-forgotten childhood sexual abuse by my father, healing from that trauma and its effects on my soul and psyche, battling attacks from my family and people from my life that I had chosen to leave behind, and starting my life over from scratch in all respects after the flames died down and the smoke cleared.

One of my greatest learnings through this experience was that much of our suffering and our challenges in life have roots in our roots. It was my own deep personal and experiential exploration into ancestral healing – which was a requirement from Spirit to exit my Dark Night – that saved my life and healed the deepest most hidden parts of my being. Out of this experience sprang my ancestral healing course, which is a guided healing and learning experience meant to assist you in freeing yourself from the wounds and limitations of your ancestral lineage. The course comes straight from my heart and the learnings from my personal experiences, and is presented outside of any one specific cultural tradition.

We all have the power to heal ourselves, raise our vibration and consciousness, and access the path to our highest timeline forward when we have the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to do so. It is my greatest wish and hope that my experiences and learnings can assist you in healing your past and embodying who you are – your soul’s essence – in the deepest way possible. May my soul expression empower your soul expression, healing, and growth in a way that is in alignment with your soul’s timing and highest potential. And so it is.

Many Blessings,