Ancestral Healing as the Key to Overcoming Limiting Patterns


For over two decades I have explored the most cutting edge energy healing techniques from all corners of the globe as a private practice energy healer and teacher of shamanic and intuitive healing. What I found through my vast and varying experiences with clients, and exploring the most effective ways to assist them in healing the very core of their challenges, is that a majority of physical, mental, and emotional imbalances primarily originate from unhealed trauma energies, repressed emotional energies, and limiting belief patterning within an individual. During my years working with clients, I discovered time and time again that regardless of a person’s life experiences, the very deepest roots of these three factors nearly always led me back to ancestral trauma in some form. My explorations of the relationship between primary causes and the origin point of those causes led be to publish my book, Awakening Your Soul’s Truth, which outlines the relationship between limiting beliefs and our challenging experiences in life. The major concepts presented in the book explore ways to uncover limiting belief patterns that we may not be aware of, how they might be affecting us, and provides healing techniques for shifting these beliefs to an expression that is in alignment with our authentic self. Where exactly do these belief patterns come from though?

Belief Patterns In Our Lineage

Many of us are aware that we develop our belief paradigm in childhood and throughout life by learning from our parents, teachers, peers, and through our experiences. If we take into consideration where our parents learned their beliefs, and where their parents learned their beliefs, and so on down the line, it becomes clear how ancestral patterning can affect us in a very physical way. Many of these ancestral beliefs or patterns develop through trauma, which can either be collective trauma such as The Great Depression, or personal trauma such as the loss of a mother during childbirth. These traumas result in beliefs and patterning in an individual, and that individual acts through those beliefs and often teaches them to those they are connected to – consciously or unconsciously. We can follow this type of pattern through a lineage in a very physical way if we have the genealogical data, however most of us can only trace our ancestors and their experiences back so far. Energy healing teaches, though, that there is always an energetic counterpart to all physical expressions, experiences, and patterning, and this is where ancestral healing and shamanic or intuitive healing meet. Our ability to address ancestral traumas and patterning expands infinitely when we explore ancestral healing from an energetic perspective, as the limitations placed on us by our physical experience and understanding no longer exist.

As I worked with clients to unveil and clear ancestral trauma energetically, I began to notice that limiting beliefs and patterning that these same clients had been experiencing and working through in their personal lives began to shift in a positive way. My experiences showed me that there was a solid connection between the limiting beliefs I had been working with clients to shift and the ancestral trauma energies that they were not even aware that they were holding. Using my training in energy healing and shamanic healing, I began to use my personal healing journey and the experiences of my clients to study the relationship between ancestral healing and the limiting beliefs that inform our experiences in life. This personal study led to the development of new techniques that deeply integrate ancestral healing and energy healing to rapidly shift limiting patterns and improve overall well-being. These techniques have had a remarkable and profound affect on both myself in my own personal life and many of my clients.

The more I engaged with ancestral healing work, the more I noticed a variety of important connections and changes that result from ancestral healing. Ancestral work has shown time and time again that many of the limiting and challenging experiences we have are a direct result of the energetic imprint that ancestral trauma leaves on our DNA, both on an energetic and physical/epigenetic level. Limiting patterns with roots in ancestral trauma are often difficult to explain or understand in the context of an individual’s own life, as they do not originate from any direct experience that an individual has had. This makes it very difficult to heal these patterns with methods that do not address ancestral healing in some capacity. As different facets of ancestral energies are worked with and healed, individuals often experience greater clarity of purpose and sense of identity, breaking toxic or addictive patterns, improved mental health and a more positive outlook on life, and a deep sense of connection and empowerment.

Shifting Generational Patterns Through Ancestral Healing

Ancestral healing work can have a profound impact on toxic or dysfunctional family dynamics as well. Doing the work to actually uncover and look at these patterns and heal the root causes of those patterns within oneself, is critical work when it comes to stopping toxic patterns from persisting in future generations. When we become conscious of limiting patterns and shift these patterns in our own lives, we then become capable of passing those healed patterns on to our future generations. This energetic work allows us to heal these patterns multi-dimensionally in the morphogenic field as well, which exists outside of time and space. As a result, the energetic healing can spread infinitely through a lineage, both to past generations and future generations. This multi-dimensional healing effect results in living family members experiencing positive shifts as a result of the personal ancestral work we do on ourselves, regardless of their awareness or participation in similar work for themselves. This “viral” effect of ancestral healing through a lineage also shows us that we do not need to be physically connected to our relatives in order to receive healing for our familial traumas and patterns. We only need to do the work within ourselves to achieve the healing we desire and to share it with our lineage.

When we choose to do ancestral healing work on ourselves in conjunction with addressing the limiting patterns that ancestral energies can contribute to in our lives, we participate in a grassroots effort of healing the collective as a whole. Although personal healing work might seem inconsequential when it comes to the “bigger picture” of humanity, this personal work has an infinite and profound effect on everyone we are connected to in this life, as well as future generations down the line. Ancestral healing on a personal level is critical for healing collective traumas and the resulting patterning that developed in past generations. We are ultimately only responsible for our own healing, yet personal healing truly can have a significant impact on humanity. Breaking toxic patterns within ourselves creates a ripple effect both within our own lineage, as well as with all of the connections that we have in this life, and can serve as an antidote to pervasive generational trauma and the resulting effects.

Connecting with ancestors and healing ancestral energies within ourselves is deep and profound work. In my personal experience as an energy healer, I have yet to find an approach to healing that as as significant of an effect as ancestral healing has on the well-being, prosperity, upliftment, and overall happiness of an individual. To acknowledge, connect with, and heal the influences of our past, we secure a more positive future for ourselves and our future generations.

For more about how you can work with your ancestral roots to heal yourself and your lineage, see my ancestral healing course.

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