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Awakening Your Soul’s Truth Now Available!

My book Awakening Your Soul’s Truth: A Powerful Guide for Transformation, Healing, and Consciousness Growth is now available for purchase! This book has been a long time in the making and contains valuable tools for spiritual growth, healing, and awakening for both dedicated spiritual seekers and those new to the awakening path.

“We all have the answers within us, we simply need the tools and wisdom required to guide us toward our soul’s truth.”

Anya Goode – Awakening Your Soul’s Truth

Latest Offerings

Empowering The Empath Online Course

This online empath healing and empowerment course guides you through understanding the empath journey, PLUS receive healings and techniques to remove the limitations we experience as empaths so that you can thrive.

Online Ancestral Healing Course

Join me for my new ancestral healing course – a self-paced, wisdom-packed course for anyone ready to accelerate their spiritual awakening and personal healing process by diving into soul and genetic ancestral energy dynamics.

Heart magic Podcast with Anya Goode

Heart Magic Podcast

Heart Magic is a podcast where we talk about the “how” of spirituality, healing, and consciousness growth. Check out the latest episode and make sure to subscribe on your favorite platform!

“Anya’s work has helped me immeasurably over the years. Her grounded and unique healing techniques are easy to implement for anyone, yet extremely powerful. I am blessed to have worked with her.”

Beth G. – Energy Healing Student and Coaching Client – Greater Boston Area

Healer + Teacher + Mentor

As an Intuitive Energy Healing Teacher and Spiritual Mentor, my goal is to empower you in your healing journey, help you awaken and live through your soul’s unique truth, and guide you so that you can truly love your life and yourself in all ways.

You will be amazed at how rapidly and profoundly you can transform your life when you begin looking within and shedding all of the limiting beliefs, ancestral karma, personal trauma, and dense energies that keep you from living your most aligned and joyful life. Your life is meant to be fulfilling, and I am here to guide you forward in a way that empowers you on your journey.

My passion is showing you that you are your own greatest healer and teacher. My mission is to guide you with channeled wisdom from Spirit and support you with techniques that I have learned and developed in my 20+ years of shamanic and intuitive energy healing experience. You are meant to heal your past and launch into your most abundant and blissful future, and you already have everything you need within you to embark on this beautiful journey of awakening.

It is truly a blessing for me to use my inner wisdom to help you discover yours.

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